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Tropeço, by Mario Lalau, cites the tradition of photographers devotees of street photography. In revising this concept, however, Lalau surprises by incorporating habits and mannerisms of the contemporary world. What passes unnoticed by the tired eyes of passersby, for Lalau is the raw material from which he satirizes the chaos and vain attempts of man to organize life in the great metropolis. His photographs reveal themselves as sculptural events resulting from the relation between sociability and the loss of references in the city. The book Tropeço allows the reader to create new connections, either by affinity or contrast between the images, changing the page sequence and the cover. In this way, the author returns to his readers the adventure that guided his drift through several cities of the world. Every corner bent, a new chance, a new surprise.


First Edition – 2017 –São Paulo- Brasil

Photographs: Mario Lalau

88 pages - 500 copies - Signed and Numbered

Publisher: Fotô Editorial

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